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In August 2011, TimesAV launched its first simply style studio in Hong Kong, "SimptoGraphy".  By adopting a brand new concept, SimptoGraphy provide a natural and simply lifestyle environment to let people for video production, photography, pro-make up services under one roof - corporate video, product promotion, training, interview, pre-wedding, family photo, etc.  TimesAV also offers companies/production partners/individual producers for room rental for lesson and courses.

由2011年8月起,時代影視娛樂推出全港第一間以簡樸為題的影樓。以全新形象「純. 綷. 拍攝」為主題,提倡簡單自然的拍攝場地予客戶。除了企業宣傳短片、產品介紹短片、培訓短片、訪問、婚前及家庭照片等,我們更歡迎公司/製作公司/影視製作人租賃場地。如有查詢,請與我們聯絡。

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