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In the era of information overload, simply using text and image is no longer enough to attract attention.

Digital video advertising is the latest popular to help business grow by connecting power of “Sight, Sound and Motion” in video with your customers and clients. Most companies start to create their own promotional and in-stream video ads, except for the use at the traditional TV program. It is a new direction for the use of company website, youtube, facebook and twitter page(s) to promote their businesses. 

Our company provide services for government, corporate, charitable, educational & financial institution  producing promotional & training video, conference & events video production, etc;  For example, Hong Kong Post (Training Video), Hong Kong Productivity Council (Promotional Video), The Hong Kong Society For The Aged Services (Promotional and Training Video), etc.

Our teams are well trained and fully dedicated for each and every standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) television project and has experienced for all the workflow for pre-production, production services and post production. Our production services are as follows:

Pre-Production: Prelimentary meeting, Story boarding, Script writing, Talent casting, Talent management, Voice over talent, Location Scouting, Production rehearsal

Production Services: Live Webinar | Webcasting | Live Streaming  | Video Broadcasting  | Multi-cam shooting | Sound recording | Voice over recording | Cinematography | lighting | Props | Pro-make up | Special effect & pyrotechnics | Equipment suppliers

Post Production:  Video editing, Dubbing / Film Scoring / Sound Effects, Motion Graphics / Artworks, 3D / 2D animation, Caption and subtitling, Tape conversion, DVD authoring, Mass production

Don't wait and let's go ahead to make your video from TimesAV!


數碼視頻推廣是最熱門的市場推廣方法之一,以「光、聲、動態影像」吸引顧客,透過網上平台推廣業務。不少公司現已開始製作其企業宣傳及各類型產品介紹短片,除用於傳統的電視廣播外,現盛行將短片放於公司網站、youtube, facebook及 twitter等網上平台。



前期製作:  前期會議 故事大網設計 講稿編譯 演員試鏡 演員管理 配音員挑選 場景搜尋 製作採排

製作服務:  網絡研討會 | 網絡廣播 | 網絡串流直播 | 視頻廣播  | 現場攝錄製作 | 多機拍攝  | 攝錄收音 |  配音製作 | 電影攝影 |  燈光 |  道具 | 專業化妝服裝  | 特別效果 |  煙火效果 |  器材供應

後期製作: 影片剪接 配音/配樂/音響效果 影像特別效果 電腦動畫 主題及字幕製作 影帶轉換 光牒編制 大量印刷

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