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TimesAV provide projector rental services with the top of the line Sanyo PLC-XC10 (3,000 lux) 3LCD high luminance projector with the famous DA-LITE professional high reflective (2.2) 100 in. projector screen (luminance can reach 5,000 lux) from the US. Projector with 100 in. floor screen:

1 day    HK$2,000/ day
2 days  HK$1,700/ day
3 days  HK$1,400/ day
> more than 3 days  please contact for quotation

Rental fees listed above include delivery, installation and an operator (exclusive service: free 10 pages special effect such as real-time addition of subtitle, company logo, pictures, and picture in picture effects using digital mixer).


本公司設投影機租賃服務,採用商用投影機王Sanyo品牌 PLC-XC10 (3,000 ANSI Lumens) 3LCD高流明投影機 配 百年名廠美國DA-LITE專業超高增益(2.2)投影幕 (光度效果可達5,000 ANSI Lumens),可投射達100吋畫面。 投影機連100吋地拉幕:

1日 HK$2,000/日
2日 HK$1,700/日
3日 HK$1,400/日
租賃3日以上 報價

以上租金包括運送、設置及專人操作 (獨家服務:加送10頁特效版面,數碼特效機現場加入字幕 / 公司標誌 / 圖片 / 畫中畫短片等)

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