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Aerialgraphy & Crane services is image taking of the ground from an elevated position. Now it just needs to add the camera on remote control model drone or crane, can make wide and top effect for clips, it is widely used in different occasions, like wedding parties, performances, opening ceremony, etc to enhance the effect of post production. 航空及吊臂拍攝是指在飛機或其他航空飛行器上利用航空攝影機或運用吊臂攝取地面景物的技術。利用搖控模型飛機或吊臂加攝影機進行多角度拍攝,專業技術可應用於不同場合包括婚禮聚會、大型表演及開幕典禮等等,加強拍攝及後期製作效果!

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