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渠務署 : 污水監控系統 介紹影片
Drainage Services Department : Sewage Surveillance System Introduction Video
2024 - 04 - 21
客戶名稱: 香港渠務署
影片長度: 3分鐘
影片語言: 英文 | 法文 (字幕: 英文 | 法文)

污水處理排放服務一直是城市規劃管理的重要課題。渠務署的抱負是提供世界級的污水和雨水處理排放服務,以促進香港可持續發展,竭力提升本港污水處理和防洪水平。為了提升污水處理排放的效率,渠務署連同其他科研機構研發了一套名為「BLockage and Inflow Sewage Surveillance System」的創新技術。BLISS系統利用AI人工智能技術監控污水過濾籃的阻塞情況,並結合雲端技術,在格柵接近滿負荷時發出警報,提示操作人員進行清理,工作效率進一步提升。


Client Name: Drainage Services Department (DSD)
Video Length: 3 minutes
Video Language: English | French (Subtitle: English |French)

Wastewater treatment and discharge services have always been a critical issue in urban planning and management. The Drainage Services Department aspires to provide world-class wastewater and stormwater treatment and discharge services to promote sustainable development in Hong Kong and strives to enhance the city's sewage treatment and flood prevention levels. To improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment and discharge, the Drainage Services Department, along with other research institutions, has developed an innovative technology called the "Blockage and Inflow Sewage Surveillance (BLISS) System". This system utilizes AI technology to monitor blockages in sewage filter baskets and integrates cloud technology to issue alerts when the grates are nearing full capacity, prompting operational staff to perform cleaning, thereby further enhancing work efficiency.

TimesAV is honored to participate together with the Drainage Services Department in the filming and production of the promotional video for the BLISS system, introducing the system's operating principles and processes. This video was exhibited at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions of Switzerland in April 2024. TimesAV has been involved in several promotional videos for technology and scientific research products, committed to using video to communicate innovative technological concepts, contributing to the promotion of Hong Kong's innovation in technology development and the construction of a smart city.

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