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My Papa, My Hero!
《爸知弊! 你嚟湊吖!》
2023 - 10 - 31
客戶名稱: 電視廣播有限公司
影片長度: 30分鐘 x 8集
影片語言: 廣東話 (字幕: 繁體中文 | 英文)
影片標題: 爸知弊!你嚟凑吖!

您是否曾看過 TVB 的熱門親子真人秀節目《爸知弊! 你嚟湊吖!》呢?該節目由黎諾懿、陳敏之,主持記錄了多位香港藝人爸爸獨自照顧孩子時的辛酸和趣事,引發了觀眾的熱烈討論。我們非常榮幸地為該節目的幕後製作提供隱蔽拍攝服務,協助節目組捕捉爸爸和小朋友們最真實、最搞笑的反應!以下是我們為是次節目拍攝所提供的服務:

• 深入溝通,制定拍攝計劃:與現場工作人員及導演緊密合作,充分理解最終節目畫面效果,制定詳細的計劃。
• 專業隱蔽拍攝設備及技術支援:提供專業的隱蔽攝像設備,根據拍攝對象和不同場景給予專業的技術支援,捕捉嘉賓們真實的反應,確保拍攝畫面質素。
• 經驗豐富的攝像團隊:根據現場工作人員及導演的指示,精准設置攝像機的位置、角度和視角,捕捉到最精彩的瞬間。

《爸知弊! 你嚟湊吖!》節目以隱蔽拍攝技巧捕捉爸爸們在面對育兒挑戰時的各種囧態和暖心時刻,為觀眾呈現了一個輕鬆有趣、笑料十足的節目。


想讓您的節目或者活動也像《爸知弊! 你嚟湊吖!》一樣精彩嗎?


Client Name: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
Video Length: 30 minutes x 8 episodes
Video Language: Cantonese (Subtitles: Traditional Chinese | English)
Video Title: My Papa, My Hero!

Have you ever watched the popular parenting reality show " My Papa, My Hero!" produced by TVB? Hosted by Chris Lai and Sharon Chan, the show documents the struggles and funny moments of various Hong Kong celebrity dads as they take care of their children, sparking lively discussions among the audience.We are honored to provide comprehensive covert filming services for the behind-the-scenes production of this program, assisting the production team in capturing the most authentic and humorous reactions from dads and their kids! Here are the services we have provided for this program:

• In-depth communication and shooting planning: We closely collaborate with the on-site crew and director to fully understand the desired visual effects of the final program and develop detailed plans.
• Professional covert filming equipment and technical support: We offer professional covert camera equipment and provide specialized technical support based on the subjects and different scenes to capture genuine reactions from guests, ensuring the quality of the footage.
• Experienced camera team: Following the instructions of the on-site crew and director, our team precisely sets up camera positions, angles, and perspectives to capture the most exciting moments.

Using covert filming techniques, " My Papa, My Hero!" captures the various comical and heartwarming moments of dads facing parenting challenges, presenting a lighthearted, entertaining, and hilarious program for the audience.
This filming equipment can be placed in discreet locations and is suitable for shooting in environments with limited space, as well as for multi-camera shooting projects.

Would you like to make your program or event as exciting as " My Papa, My Hero!"?

Contact us immediately to learn more details!

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