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政府資助計劃 【#政府資助101】
Government Funding Schemes【#Government Funding 101】
2024 - 01 - 31
客戶名稱: 香港生產力促進局
影片長度: 1.5分鐘 x3 | 30秒 x1
影片語言: 廣東話 (字幕: 繁體中文 | 英文)

影片標題: #政府資助101


在視頻中,主持人Mills Wong與受訪者輕鬆互動,向觀衆介紹了公司背景以及曾經成功申請的政府資助項目,例如HKPC在申請過程中提供的各種支援,他們參加HKPC活動的經歷、使用「中小企資助易」(BEE)平台的感受,以及 HKPC在支援企業申請資助方面的獨特優勢。除了成功案例分享,受訪者還提供了一些申請資助的實用提示,例如建議無需中介而直接透過HKPC申請資助,善用HKPC提供的免費一對一諮詢服務等,為觀眾提供了寶貴的參考。




Client Name: Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)
Video Length: 1.5 minutes x3 | 30 seconds x1
Video Language: Cantonese (Subtitle: Traditional Chinese | English)

Video Title: #Government Funding 101

TimesAV is honoured to have produced the "#Government Funding 101" series of interview videos for the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), allowing representatives from companies that have successfully applied for government funding schemes to share their valuable experiences and practical insights.

In the video, the host, Mills Wong, engages in a relaxed interaction with the interviewee, introducing the company background to the audience, as well as the government funding schemes they have successfully applied for in the past, such as the various types of support provided by HKPC during the application process, their experiences participating in HKPC events, their impressions of using the "Biz Expands Easy" (BEE) platform, and the unique advantages of HKPC in supporting enterprises to apply for funding. In addition to sharing success stories, the interviewees also provide some practical tips for applying for funding, such as recommending applying directly through HKPC without intermediaries and making good use of the free one-on-one consultation services provided by HKPC, which offer valuable references for viewers.

Our professional team provided comprehensive recording and production services for this series of videos, striving to present the content in a concise yet informative manner. The videos are currently being uploaded to the "Biz Expands Easy" YouTube channel for the general audience to watch and learn from. Moreover, we have produced a captivating 30-second trailer for the series, which was played during the "Biz Expands Easy" anniversary event to attract more viewers to pay attention to these insightful interview videos.

Through our video production services, HKPC can more effectively convey relevant information about applying for funding to enterprises, share success stories, and provide practical tips, further encouraging and supporting more enterprises to actively apply for government funding and promote business development.

If you also require professional video production services, whether it be promotional videos, interview videos, or event documentaries, we can tailor high-quality video content according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time and let us work together to create more value for your brand and projects.

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