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Awarded Good MPF Employer Award 2021/2022
2022 - 08 - 31
時代影視娛樂製作有限公司榮獲強制性公積金計劃管理局頒發的 2021-22 年度「積金好僱主」獎。此獎項旨在公開表揚重視僱員退休保障,表揚提升僱員退休福利方面表現出色的雇主。


詳情可點擊 : https://www.mpfa.org.hk/en/mpfa/corporate-events/good-mpf-employer-award

Times Audio Visual Production Limited has been awarded Good MPF Employer Award 2021-22 by Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. This award is to publicly recognize the "Good MPF Employers" who attach great importance to retirement protection for their employees and to recognize employers who are exemplary in enhancing the retirement benefits of their employee.

The Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 6 October 2022 (Thursday) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Details can be click at https://www.mpfa.org.hk/en/mpfa/corporate-events/good-mpf-employer-award

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