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Hong Kong New-Energy Vehicle Industry
2020 - 12 - 31
客戶名稱:香港國際汽車航空工程師學會 | 香港生產力促進局
影片長度:2 分鐘
影片語言: 廣東話 ( 字幕: 簡體中文 )



Client Name: SAE International (Hong Kong) Limited | Hong Kong Productivity Council
Video Length : 2 minutes
Video Language : Cantonese (Subtitle: Simplified Chinese)

Hong Kong New-Energy Vehicle Industry

Our company is honoured to have an opportunity to work with SAE International (Hong Kong) Limited and Hong Kong Productivity Council for the promotion video of '
Hong Kong New-Energy Vehicle Industry' so as to provide an information services channel and to foster experiences sharing among members so as to increase the momentum of the development of the automotive industry in Hong Kong

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