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A.I. & Robotics - Intelligent Foam Removal Robot
人工智能和機械人 - 智能除泡機器人
2022 - 01 - 28
客戶名稱:渠務署 |香港生產力促進局
影片長度:3 分鐘

人工智能和機械人 - 智能除泡機器人




Client Name: Drainage Services Department | Hong Kong Productivity Council
Video Length : 3 minutes
Video Language : English (Subtitle: English)

A.I. & Robotics - Intelligent Foam Removal Robot

The application of automated artificial intelligence strategies can improve efficiency, strengthen the corporate direction and development, and promote enterprise intelligence strategies and solutions.

Wastewater treatment is an indispensable process to remove contaminants from sewage before being discharged to water bodies, thereby preventing water pollution and contributing to the city’s sustainable development. 

Our company is honoured to have an opportunity to work with Drainage Services Department and Hong Kong Productivity Council for the video to demonstrate how Intelligent Foam Removal Robot to tackle the widespread and decades-long problem of biological foaming in the wastewater treatment industry worldwide. The Intelligent Foam Removal Robot demonstrates its water-saving and cost-effective defoaming performance. With the deployment of the robot, workers are no longer required to attend the site to be exposed to the bacteria and sun for a long period of time during foam removal. This improves the occupational safety and health of workers and alleviates their workload.

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