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Kum Shing Group - Salute for Great Effort
金城營造集團 齊心抗疫
2022 - 03 - 31
影片長度:2 分鐘
影片語言: 廣東話 ( 字幕: 英文 )

Salute for Great Effort 齊心抗疫

本公司很榮幸有機會與金城營造集團合作拍攝和製作「Salute for Great Effort 齊心抗疫」紀錄影片。


此外,金城營造集團位於青衣的廢物處理項目團隊超過 150 人團隊這段期間全力協助環境保護署,提高處理大量醫療廢物的能力。


Client Name: Kum Shing Group
Video Length : 2 minutes
Video Language : Cantonese (Subtitle: English)

Salute for Great Effort 齊心抗疫

Our company is honoured to have the opportunity to work with Kum Shing Group in shooting and producing for the documentary video titled 'Salute for Great Effort 齊心抗疫'.

In view of the pandemic situation in Hong Kong, over 250 people from different teams in Kumshing are striving continuously day and night, from cable installation to switch room electricity supply, to ensure stable and reliable power supply in various community isolation facilities.

Over 150 people at the Waste Treatment Project team in Tsing Yi have been supporting the Environmental Protection Department to increase capacity to handle the massive amount of clinical waste.

Despite the enormous challenges in Hong Kong we all face, together we shall each do our part to support Hong Kong!

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