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The Hong Kong Society for Aged Wisdom Brain-Game Platform Promotion Videos
香港耆康老人福利會 智有腦- 遊戲平台 《「智有腦」健腦遊戲 讓健腦成為習慣》 《願我能多付一點「腦」力,陪伴您們一起快樂健康地成長!》
2021 - 12 - 31
客戶名稱: 香港耆康老人福利會「耆康會」
影片長度:1分鐘 | 40秒
影片語言: 廣東話 (字幕: 繁體中文)




影片 (1) 由本港知名女演員 車淑梅女士擔當主演介紹【智有腦】游戲,讓長者認識到健腦同健身具有同樣的重要性。

影片 (2) 講述了一位精明的外公 (由 吳朱榮先生 友情出演),為了不讓兩位可愛的孫兒失望,利用「智有腦」健腦遊戲,突破自己,讓健腦成為習慣的故事。

Client Name: The Hong Kong Society for the Aged
Video Length: 1 minute | 40 seconds
Video Language: Cantonese (Subtitle: Traditional Chinese)

The Hong Kong Society for Aged - Wisdom Brain-Game Platform

Our company is honoured to once again collaborate with the Hong Kong Society for Aged (SAGE for short) to shoot and produce two promotional videos for the "Brain Gym" cognitive training game application.

"智有腦" is a brain training game application developed by the SAGE in October 2020, with funding from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The game incorporates a "Hong Kong local" style, encompassing character design, gameplay, and visual elements that allow players to appreciate local culture. For elderlies who require cognitive training, familiar local landmarks and objects help them retrieve memories, while the lifelike game also indirectly enhances their life skills and self-care abilities.

Video (1) is led by well-known Hong Kong actress Ms. Carman Che, who stars in the introduction of the “智有腦” game, aiming to raise awareness among seniors about the equal importance of mental fitness and physical exercise.

Video (2) tells the story of a wise grandfather (portrayed by Mr. Ng Chu-Wing in a special appearance), who, in order not to disappoint his two adorable grandchildren, embraces the "智有腦" brain training game and embarks on a journey of self-improvement, turning mental fitness into a habit.

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