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Chinese Lunar New Year
農曆新年營業時間 (年初十啟市)
2020 - 01 - 30
In light of against Coronavirus outbreak, our company are taking appropriate preventive measures, LNY holiday working schedule will be extended to next Monday, 3rd February 2020. The special work arrangement was announced to reduce the risk of the novel coronavirus’ spread in the community.

Appreciate your understanding in us taking necessary actions to protect the health and safety of our colleagues. Management will further review the situation before 2nd February 2020.

鑑于冠狀病毒的爆發,我們公司正在採取適當的預防措施,農曆新年假期營業時間原年初七啟市, 將延長至星期一,2020年2月3日。這項特殊工作安排,以減少新型冠狀病毒在社區傳播的風險。


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