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Times Audio Visual Production Limited is one of leading production companies of video and visual production based in Hong Kong. TimesAV was established in 2003 and our business is throughout in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan. It is composed of talented and energetic professionals providing wide variety of innovative and one-stop video and stage production services for our clients.

Our mission is to be committed to provide wide variety of high value added and quality production services for our clients in its continuous growth and success.

Our production professionals are well dedicated and passionate for every job. All of them are full of commitment to the success of our clients. Our team members have strong business sense and flexible to the ever changing business environment. To foster our quality working environment, teamwork is the most significant role at TimesAV. Open communication, staff involvement and participation are well encouraged at our company. Our colleagues who work over 20 years experience providing professional and technical knowledge to our clients. Our team is attending to the high demand of quality technical skills with definite training so as to achieve one of our business objective, continuous improvement and development.

我們的目標是提供一站式高質素影視及娛樂製作服務予我們的客戶,以達致公司/客戶業務及 服務成功擴展及雙向成長。

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